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‘The Kaiyō Mission’ is about peaceful yet dangerous space exploration in hostile underwater environments of ocean worlds. The players embark on three different mission phases that lead them to various underwater plateaus of ocean worlds, including the Saturnian moon Enceladus and Jupiter’s moon Europa. They will control a submarine or a diver and take photographs of alien animals, plants and artefacts. A tutorial level is available, and a bonus mission phase with several self-contained games is opened upon successful completion of the initial three phases.


The Kaiyo Mission Demo is available!!

What makes ‘The Kaiyō Mission’ a unique game?

  • ‘The Kaiyō Mission’ is based on real research and a hard science-fiction adventure, a heart-warming, positive, inspiring and unique story.
  • The players control a submarine or a diver and take photographs of alien animals, plants, features and artefacts to explore and document new, peaceful, yet dangerous worlds.
  • ‘The Kaiyō Mission’ uses African music in a science-fiction game.
  • ‘The Kaiyō Mission’ has some unique functions like the help-HUD during gameplay and the possibility to  download the photos taken.
  • The players can choose between different vision modes, sound effects and music to make the experience varied and engaging.
  • ‘The Kaiyō Mission’ is the first indie game localised in the Bassa language that is widely spoken in Western Africa, as well as in 12 other languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Swahili.
  • Some of the mini games on an alien planet are based on traditional African games that are threatened of being lost in the near future.
  • ‘The Kaiyō Mission’ uses 2.5D gameplay in a 3D world, with several mini games using different perspectives.

A unique story in two parts: Enceladus (part 1) and Europa (part 2).

‘Ever since mankind realised that we are not the centre of the universe, people have sought to find out whether we are alone. We have sent signals, listened out for signals, sent probes, and observed, not just what we can see in the distance, but also what we cannot see with our eyes in different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum…
This is the story of a courageous mission to find extra-terrestrial life in our own solar system, the experiences of amazing people from all over the world, working together as one, to push the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding, while bringing out the best human qualities we have within us.’

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