eXplore Studio is an international start-up

Located near Munich in Germany, eXplore Studio aims to provide innovative solutions to entertain, educate, research, and inspire – using books and games as the primary vehicle. eXplore Studio is currently developing ‘The Kaiyo Mission’, a peaceful, casual, deep-space, underwater exploration game set on alien ocean worlds. The story is based on a hard science-fiction adventure that is inspired by actual research. eXplore Studio will also start very soon the development of a second game ‘Deviate 0’, a unique story about a girl and a machine.

A virtual company based on freelance

eXplore Studio is a virtual company built up by an international network of freelancers from the UK, Germany, Cameroon, France, USA, Poland, Italy, Sudan, China, Türkiye, Brazil, Zambia and Kenya, who provide on demand services and deliverables. There are two types of freelance involvement, continuous with a nominal number of hours per week, and one-off. All free-lancers are contracted by means of Purchase Orders that are Agile contracts. All work is carried out remotely from anywhere in the world with access to the internet, at the place and time most suitable to each freelancer.

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eXplore Studio at Africa Games Week 2023

In December 2023, we had the immense privilege and honour to present our indie game ‘The Kaiyo Mission’ at Africa Games Week. Established over five years ago ‘to shine a spotlight on the African gaming industry and showcase the awesome talent found on the continent’, Africa Games Week  hosts ‘many studio heads, developers, and game industry professionals from the African continent and allows international gaming businesses, creative businesses, etc… to learn more about Africa and the gaming industry’.

With about 400 participants this year, so definitely more intimate than the major renowned conventions you might have heard of, Africa Games Week was surely the right place for us. We kicked off the conference with our presentation called ‘How on Earth can you develop a game with a bunch of people on different continents?’, which showcased not only the way we work with people mainly from Africa, the US and Europe but also the African heritage and African music we have implemented in our science-fiction game. Additionally, we attended several talks and panels, took part in workshops, and most importantly, we had the time over four days to really get to know the other participants, create meaningful connections and even develop some promising partnerships. We found ourselves captivated by this welcoming, inclusive, and exhilarating community of people who speak the same ‘gaming’ language as us and understand the journey of developing and publishing  a game. Needless to say, that conversations were easy and natural, like if we had known each other for a long time. It allowed us to share our highs as well as our lows, or some personal tips that we have had a chance to experience over time, a great way to further deepen the discussions and make them more memorable.

When open-minded people from different continents or backgrounds, yet with the same passion and dreams, come together, a positive flow of energy emerges that everyone can appreciate, take back to their respective homes, and nurture.

So, being part of African Games Week was without a doubt a fantastic opportunity and considerable success. Meeting talented and inspirational developers and game industry professionals, building relationships, and learning about new developing and publishing tools were among the highlights of the conference. What an amazing experience! What an incredible and beautiful community!

eXplore Studio is a member of Game

‘Game is the association of the German games industry. The members represent the entire games ecosystem, from development studios and publishers to esports organizers, educational institutions or institutions. As co-organizer of gamescom, Game is responsible for the world’s largest event for computer and video games. Game is shareholder of USK, the Digital Gaming Culture Foundation, the esports player foundation, devcom and the collecting society VHG, as well as winners of the German Computer Game Prize. As the central contact for media, politics and society, Game answers all questions about market developments, gaming culture and media competence.’

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